Military Zone

Columbia County Military Zone

The Military Zone Job Tax Credit Program exists to create additional benefits to businesses that are adjacent to a military installation and are considered to be less developed or have a higher rate of poverty. The military zones are typically designated by census tracks and reflect the most recent decennial census. The designation allows any business of any nature to receive the highest level of benefits under the Job Tax Credit Program. The benefit is contingent upon the following criteria:

  • Business must create at least two net new jobs within a tax year
  • The new jobs must be full-time, permanent jobs of at least 35 hours per week- jobs may not be held by husband and wife
  • New jobs must offer health insurance, although the employer does not have to pay for insurance
  • Average wage for each new job created must pay at least the average wage of the county with the lowest¬†average wage in the state- this value is currently $480 per week or $24,960 per year in Glascock County per DOL

The military zone tax credits can be claimed for a total of five years when the jobs are created in the initial tax year and then maintained for an additional four tax years. The cried amount is $3500 per eligible net new jobs and is claimed by filing Form IT-CA2012 with the Georgia Corporate Income Tax Return. It will be first applied to any corporate income tax liability. Any excess credit may be applied towards withholding once appropriate steps are taken with the Department of Revenue.